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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my home is damaged?

The majority of hail and wind damage cannot be determined simply by looking at your roof from the ground. This why it is a good idea to call MARS Restoration for your free damage inspection: 888-242-6831.

Is my roof damaged even though I am not missing any shingles?

When your roof is missing shingles it is a result of high winds. However, hail may impact the shingle leaving an indentation as well as bruising and cracking the asphalt matting underneath. The life-span of a roof which has been damaged by hail is dramatically decreased and will eventually lead to leaking.

What, exactly, is hail damage and how does it affect my home?

Hail will puncture rupture or bruise roofing shingles causing functional damage, reducing the water shedding ability and expected service life of the roof. Hail can also dent or break siding, gutters or trim.

Will my roof warranty cover damage caused by hail or wind?

Most roof warranties are null and void when your home sustains damage by hail or wind.

I had my roofer look at my roof and he said there isn’t any damage.

The majority of roofers are not trained to recognize hail or wind damage. All of our roof inspectors are H.A.A.G certified; and are highly trained to be able to identify even minimal damage. It is in your best interest to have a trained, certified professional assess any damage to ensure proper remediation and repair.

What is H.A.A.G?

H.A.A.G is an engineering company that trains and certifies individuals on how to detect hail and wind damage versus regular wear and tear. The majority of insurance adjusters are H.A.A.G. certified, and Mars Restoration has several on staff.

What makes MARS Restoration different from other contractors?

MARS Restoration is a locally owned and operated contractor. We carry all of the licenses that the state requires, and every one of our product service specialists and sales staff does as well. Consistency throughout our organization ensures accountability on our part. This means you get the best results possible.

What certifications does MARS Restoration have?

MARS Restoration is a certified Shingle Master Applicator through Certainteed Roofing. This enables us to offer a 50 year material and labor warranty - non-prorated, which means, if you every have to use your warranty, you will have zero out of pocket expense – an important distinction when it comes to the life of your roof.

Why do I need certified Storm Restoration Contractor?

When making storm restoration repairs to a home, it makes good sense to work with a company that specializes in this type of home repair. Mars Restoration has many years of experience; and will ensure all damage is identified and is properly repaired. To schedule a damage assessment with one of our storm restoration specialists, please call 888-242-6831.

MARS Restoration certified roofing installers working on the steep roof of a luxury home in the Alexandria, VA suburb of the DC Metro area.
MARS Restoration is your one stop shop. We can inspect your home for storm damage as well as make any necessary repairs. At MARS Restoration, our damage inspection is always free! Call 888.242.6831.
Mold on interior crown molding resulting from a leak caused by roof damage sustained during a hail storm in Annapolis, Maryland.
Not sure if your roof is damaged? Even minor storm damage can result in undetected leaking that can show up as mold months down the line. Better safe than sorry. Call MARS Restoration for your free inspection today.
Image of Roof Warranty that has been voided.
Many roof warranties become null and void after severe storm damage including hail, high wind and water damage. To find out your options, call MARS Restoration for your free inspection and damage assessment.
MARS Restoration employee installing new plywood in preparation to install new architectural roofing shingles for a home that was damaged in a recent storm in Upper Marlborough, MD.
Prior to installation of your new roof system, we remove all roofing down to the plywood. Then we inspect for any bad wood in need of repair; and replace as needed.